A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

A game about swarms and the space between.

Made in two weeks for Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 8.


Use the mouse to locate anomalies.

In some levels, you can control the camera using WASD or Arrow keys.

If you want to reset the level, press ESC or "R".

Alt+F4 to quit.


Music by Aidan Thomas Tobin  (SoundCloud)

Flocking Library by Raphael Monnerat (GitHub)


The game may be quite GPU intensive. I have not been able to test the performance on different PCs.

Builds other than the Windows one are untested because I do not have access to other systems. Let me know if they work.


Palpable Dreams Win v1.1 48 MB
Palpable Dreams MacOS v1.1 50 MB
Palpable Dreams Linux v1.1 51 MB

Development log


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Very slick and a great idea!

Really lovely game, great presentation and amazing music. Simple goal but interesting gameplay trying to control the swarm.

I became stuck in the "8" level and re-reading the text it seems the solution might be that I should have turned the camera.

Great Work!

Thank you for playing!

You can't move the camera in that level. You have to move the mouse in the horizontal direction to make the particles move more, and find an occluder similar to the first couple of levels. I may have to finetune that level a bit because it is not easy to spot. :)