A downloadable game for Windows

A minimalistic hockey game where each player controls one player and a goalie.

An engaging (1 vs 1) story mode where you make choices the only way that makes sense: by winning or losing matches in Puck.

Made in two weeks for Idle Thumbs Wizard Jam 4.


  • Left stick (or arrows or WASD on keyboard) to move. Right stick (or mouse) to aim.
  • Right trigger / bumper (or left mouse button) to shoot (with and without the puck).
  • Left trigger / bumper (or right mouse button) to avoid attaching to a lane.
  • "A" (or ctrl or "E" on keyboard) to switch between player and the goalie.


  • At least one XBOX controllers (you can play through the story mode by setting the player one input to keyboard and mouse, and pressing esc twice to skip player two setup).

Known issues and missing features

  • Issue: The triggers may not work. Use bumpers instead.
  • Missing: Color options to be added.
  • Missing: Balancing (movement speed, shooting speed...).
  • Missing: Music and most of the sound effects.
  • Missing: Releases for other platforms.


  • Beta v1.1: Added some sound effects and background music/sounds.
  • Beta v1.2: Experimental keyboard and mouse support (you can change the input settings in options).
  • Beta v1.3: Collision with the player no longer teleports you back to your original lane.
  • Beta v.1.3.5: Tweaked speed settings.
  • Beta v.1.3.6: Aim cursor is now visible when moving the right stick, even if the trigger is not pressed. Minor changes to the story mode texts.


Live from the Past (Beta 1.3.6) 15 MB
Live from the Past (Beta 1.2) 15 MB

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