häx_processor update v1.1

Update v1.1 should resolve some of the issues related to Mac and Linux builds of the game.

  • Mac version should no longer complain about the application being damaged or incomplete.
  • The umlauts have been removed from filenames to avoid encoding / file system issues. 
  • The new version of the game is built on a beta version of Unity that should fix the duplicate character issue that previously occurred with some Linux distributions.

Again, unfortunately, I am unable to test these versions personally. Nevertheless, there is a higher chance of the game working on these systems now.

By the way, If you'd like to see more levels in the game, please let me know. Despite being a jam game, I might get back to this one at some point.

Thank you all for playing! 


hax_processer v1.1 (Windows) 14 MB
Jun 30, 2018
hax_processer v1.1 (Mac) 18 MB
Jun 30, 2018
hax_processer v1.1 (Linux) 29 MB
Jun 30, 2018

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